The Devil You Know, Part III #52weeks52stories


#52weeks52stories: Week 13

Word prompt: narcotic

Word Count: 606


Find Part I here and Part II here.

Sally laughed as Frankie spun her around in circles, elated over the news she was expecting their first child.

The scene changed before a confused Sally… and she and her husband were sitting in Mañana’s. She remembered that’s where they had dinner to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Her head throbbed as the scene changed again and she was staring at herself in the mirror of a large bath.

She knew this place too. The linen wallpaper covered in delicate coral shells and the porcelain wash basins covered in the same shells had been two of the things she most admired at the Montage Kapalua Bay resort on Maui.

Sally didn’t understand what was happening to her. Seven years had passed since she and Frankie celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in Hawaii.


Sally rushed into the bedroom, breathing a sigh of relief when she saw her husband resting in bed.

His back was to her and she snuggled up close behind him.

“Sorry, I took so long, honey. I’m back.”

Receiving no response from Frankie, Sally rose up on one elbow and peered over his shoulder.

“C’mon, Frankie. You can’t be asleep already.”

Annoyed, she grabbed his shoulder, rolling him onto his back.

The scream froze in her throat as she stared down into her husband’s lifeless eyes.

Sally couldn’t get away, she couldn’t move, and she couldn’t look away from Frankie.


Her head throbbed as her hysteria built. Trapped, Sally knew death was about to take her too when she felt someone touch her.

“Mom? Mom, it’s okay. Calm down, mommy. You’re having a nightmare.”


The sound of her youngest daughter’s voice helped soothe Sally Bennett. Her breathing slowed as she worked to open her heavy eyelids.

Bright lights assaulted her eyes and Sally jerked her head to the side, causing the pain in her head to worsen.

She heard other voices in the room and felt Joanie take her hand.

“Try again, mommy. Slowly.”

Fighting her panic, Sally raised her lids and exhaled. The lights were dimmed.

She looked up into Joanie’s face.

Sally’s vision was blurred, but she recognized her daughter.

She tried to speak, but no words would come from her parched throat.

“It’s okay, mommy. You had a nightmare. Don’t try to speak yet. Give it time.”

Sally frowned, confused. She mouthed the word where. Joanie understood.

“You’re in the hospital, mommy.”

For the first time, Sally noticed the machines next to her.

She mouthed the word why.

Joanie hesitated.

Sally squeezed her hand.

“Tell her, Joanie.”

Sally recognized the new voice as her oldest child, Darrin, but she couldn’t see him. She squeezed Joanie’s hand again.

“You… you went into shock and lost consciousness, mom, after daddy… after daddy…”

Joanie couldn’t say the words, but she didn’t have to.

Memories flooded Sally’s mind and her hysteria returned.

Frankie. Dead. The Ramirez home.

Her husband had tried to hurt Graciela Ramirez, and then her.

Unable to sit up or speak, Sally’s body convulsed. Her silent sobs rose to become pitiful wails. She tried to pull away from Joanie, but her daughter tightened her grip.

Someone else grabbed Sally’s right hand. She yanked and pulled, but her weakened conditioned worked against her.

Endless streams of tears blurred her vision even more and Sally didn’t see the nurse inject a sedative into her IV.

The effect was instant. Sally slumped in the bed, knowing she couldn’t fight the narcotic numbing her brain and her body.

She made one last attempt to look at her daughter, but sleep took her back into the dark void before she could even turn her head.




©2018 Felicia Denise, All Rights Reserved


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