Dressed to Unimpress #Snippet

New Balance Running Shoes

Snippet from the upcoming Family Matters. Attorney Olivia Chandler is stepping further out of her comfort zone for new love, Bruce Bellamy.

Olivia argued with herself the entire drive to Bruce’s home.

The New Balance running shoes felt foreign on her feet.

Purchased over a year ago, Olivia wore the shoes two to three times a week when she worked out in her home gym.

But she’d never worn them outside of her home, much like any athletic apparel…or the jeans she wore today.

She adopted a habit of wearing tailored business suits and heels before leaving law school. The only things which varied were the style of the suit and height of her heels.

Olivia slowed and stopped at a traffic light rubbing her hand down the leg of her jeans.

Margot was right. Olivia was wound too tight… and boring.

Her idea of casual dress leaned toward a light, spring dress accompanied by a blazer, and ballerina flats… but only on non-court days.

The light turned green and Olivia accelerated through the intersection.

Get over yourself, Chandler! People dress casually every day, stop trying to have an anxiety attack. This is for Bellamy, so suck it up!

Warmth enveloped her body as thoughts of the man she was falling in love with filled Olivia’s head. Anxiety over clothing vanished. The corners of Olivia’s mouth twitched as she remembered his admonishment.

“Under no circumstances are you to show up in your lawyer clothes, counselor.”

He chuckled at the horrified expression on her face.

“Please, Olivia? Do this for me. I want the kids to see the real you, not the Olivia-mask the world sees every day.”

Olivia sobered at his words and promised to dress casually.

Bruce pulled her into his arms. “Besides, my specialty dish is considered comfort food and best enjoyed… while you’re comfortable.” He’d claimed her lips before she could respond, kissing Olivia deeply. He pulled away and pushed a small shopping bag into Olivia’s hands. Bruce backed toward the front door.

“Whatever you decide to wear,” he motioned to the bag, “you have to wear that with it.”

Olivia didn’t miss the mischievous gleam in Bruce’s eyes as he all but ran out the door to his truck. He winked as he slid into the driver’s seat and blew her a kiss as he sped away.

She stood in her doorway shaking her head. Remembering the Halloween costumes Bruce chose for them, inklings of dread caused her to shudder. Olivia stepped back inside her foyer, closing the door. She held the bag out at arm’s length and smirked.

“Now what have you gotten me into, Bellamy?”


©2017 Felicia Denise, All Rights Reserved


“She made so many mistakes.”

Free, a Novella cover

“Free, a Novella” by Felicia Denise

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She made so many mistakes.

While trying to give her sons the best life possible, Lenore Porter had misjudged her own situation. By first ignoring Ranard, and subsequently divorcing him, Lennie felt she kept her focus on her boys at all times. But were they her true focus?

Lennie buried her face in her hands as her heart screamed the truth.

It was a lie.

Her commitment as a mother couldn’t be denied, but Lennie floundered as a wife… and as a woman.

In the early days when they were dating, Ranard was always so attentive… always holding her hand or stroking her hair. When they became intimate, he couldn’t seem to get enough of her. The sex wasn’t mind-blowing compared to her past relationships, but Lenore cared deeply for the awkward young man and reveled in his constant attention.

The young couple found out Lennie was pregnant with Duncan a few months into the marriage. Their lovemaking all but stopped. With all the changes in her body and hormones racing, Lennie read books, crawled through the Internet, and daydreamed of new ways to seduce her husband. A few times the seduction worked, but more often than not, a rejected Lenore Porter would leave their bedroom in tears finding solace in the guest bedroom or on the living room sofa.

Ranard would offer a heartfelt apology the next morning, with promises of candlelight dinners, followed by slow, passionate lovemaking. Frustrated, Lennie turned to the person who knew her best for advice – her mother.



“In The Best Interest of the Child” by Felicia Denise #SundaySnippet


Sunday Snippet

“Forgive me if I’m being forward, Ms. Chandler, but I wanted to give you my business card. I own Bellamy’s over on Mason. If you ever need anything…um, for your car…give me a call.” She reached for the card. “Anything…at all.” The man was positively shameless. Olivia couldn’t help but grin.

“Call me Olivia, and thank you. That’s nice of you.” Glancing at the card in her hand, a realization suddenly dawned on her. “Wait. You’re that Bellamy? Bellamy Motorsports of “We have twelve locations to serve you in Hennepin and Olmstead counties?” His face took on the brightest shade of red as he blushed uncontrollably.

“Guess you’ve seen our commercials, huh?” She laughed as she backed towards her car.

“Yes. A time or two…or twelve. The commercials never mentioned you were so…hands on.” His eyes widened, but she pointed at the tow truck and continued before he could respond. “The boss answering service calls?” He slid his hands into his back pockets and cocked his head to the side.

“Okay, you got me. But Court won’t let anyone else touch his Precious. I was with him the day he bought her, but I’m not sure who owns whom? Marissa always teases him by telling him she’s leaving and he can have the house, but she’s taking the kid and the car. He nearly has a heart attack.” She reached her car and noticed Rena was still sleeping. There was no sign of Courtney at the front door yet. She heard movement behind her and noticed Bruce had taken a couple of steps in her direction.

“I didn’t see a ring. Are you married?”




“Do you wanna be?” Olivia tried without success not to laugh.

“You’re definitely not the shy type, are you Bruce?”

“Nope. But I’m usually not this forward either.” Suddenly serious, he continued. “It’s just not every day I meet a woman I’m so drawn to. Actually, this is the first time it’s ever happened.” The sincerity in his voice caused her pulse to race.

“I’m flattered, Bruce.” He started to say something else, but both their attention was drawn to the front door as Courtney backed the wheelchair down the one step entrance, then turned and headed towards Olivia’s car.

“Olivia?” She glanced in Bruce’s direction, but looked away quickly, unable to hold his intense gaze. “Olivia?” Taking a deep breath, she met his gaze. “Call me.” She smiled and gave him a single nod. His attention made her feel light-headed, but she knew she’d never call him. She couldn’t. He definitely seemed like the type of man who wanted all or nothing…and nothing was all she had.

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“In The Best Interest of the Child” #MondaySnippet


“In The Best Interest of the Child”

by Felicia Denise

Women’s Fiction/

Release Date: September 30, 2016


Remembering all the cars parked out front, Olivia knew there were quite a few family members in attendance, but when Marissa threw open the family room doors, Olivia was stunned. There had to be at least forty people before her, and a third of them were children. Leading the overwhelmed attorney through the throng of family, Marissa loudly announced, “Bellamys, this is Olivia Chandler. Olivia…the Bellamys. You’ll learn names in time.” Olivia managed to give a short wave as her evidently new life coach forged on. Passing through a doorway into the formal dining room, they approached four older women sitting at the table in a very animated discussion.

“You were always wearing ruby red lipstick, trying to get attention!”

“Well, you were always dying your hair blond!” Marissa dropped Olivia’s hand and threw her own up in frustration.

“Please tell me you’re not having another ‘Who Was the Biggest Floozy’ argument? What if any of the grands heard you? Don’t make me call the Bellamy men in here!” Olivia figured that was not something the women wanted because they remained quiet and looked properly chastised. Marissa moved to stand behind the two bickering women, resting her arms on their shoulders. Motioning to the woman on her right, Marissa introduced her. “Olivia, this ruby red lipstick wearing firecracker is my mother-in-law, Bernadette Bellamy, and the bottle blonde here is her sister-in-law, Bettina Bellamy. They are married to brothers, but they are also cousins.” Olivia smiled at them both.

“Mrs. Bellamy and Mrs. Bellamy…it’s a pleasure.” Bernadette held her hand up.

“None of that Mrs.-stuff. I’m Aunt Bernie and she’s Aunt Bettie. She’ll answer to ‘streetwalker’ too!” Olivia’s hand flew up to cover her mouth and muffle her laugh, but the other women roared with laughter. Through narrowed eyes, Bettina glared at her cousin.

“You’ll pay for that.” Bernadette pulled a face while still laughing. Marissa shook her head and stepped behind the other two women.

“And this is my mom, Gladys Monroe, and her sister, Darlene Preston.” Olivia smiled at the women, but this time was hesitant to address them. They resolved the issue for her.

“You can call me Lena”, Darlene grinned broadly and nudged her sister. Gladys waved her off.

“You can call me whatever you like if you give me that gorgeous suit you’re wearing.” Olivia glanced down at her suit and back at Gladys Monroe, who wasn’t much taller than her daughter.

“Um, thank you…for the compliment.”

“Don’t mind my mom, Olivia. She’s just always been a fan of tailored clothing.” Gladys waved her daughter off.

“Olivia has excellent taste and a great eye. I wish I was built like you, young lady. You’re probably beating the guys off with a stick.” The flustered attorney grinned.

“I’m not. But I do appreciate the compliment.” Marissa saved Olivia by changing the subject.

Olivia’s journey is filled with fun and laughter…and tears and sadness. Will she get her happily ever after?

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