“Color of Love Blog Hop 2016!” #CoLHop


Welcome to the Color of Love Blog Hop 2016! This amazing event celebrates love and romance in all its many different hues. Tour the hop and meet some incredible authors and check out their great reads!


One of my favorite multicultural romances is the The Maybe Baby Saga from Kim Golden!


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Imagine finding out you could never have a baby with the man you love…

Expat American Laney Halliwell finds out the hard way when Niklas tells her he had a vasectomy before they met and isn’t interested in reversing it. Why should he? They’ve got his kids from his first marriage and an enviable life in Stockholm.

What if you fell in love in the most unexpected way…?

But Laney wants more. So when a friend suggests she look into an alternative sperm bank in Copenhagen to find a potential father for her baby, things don’t go exactly as planned. Especially when Laney meets Mads and finds herself falling in love.

Mads Rasmussen has had enough: of being a sperm donor, of feeling disconnected, of being alone.

Then someone walks into his life in a most unexpected way…

Maybe Tonight gives us a glimpse of Mads’s life just before and after he meets Laney and lets us see what happens when love takes you by surprise.

**NOTE: This special edition contains Maybe Baby and its companion novella, Maybe Tonight. Both titles have been previously published as separate books **


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  • 5th prize $10 GC + 7 ebooks
  • 6th prize $5 GC + 7 ebooks

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3. Empi Baryeh 17. Candace Shaw 31. Synithia Williams
4. RWOWA 18. Natasha Blackthorne 32. L. Loren
5. Sexy Romance Novels 19. Sydney Aaliyah Michelle 33. LaQuette
6. Kai Tyler 20. Kenya Wright 34. Jamie Wesley
7. Love Bites and Silk 21. Delaney Diamond 35. A.J. Locke
8. Felicia Denise 22. LaVerne Thompson 36. A.C. Melody
9. Guinevere & Libertad 23. Tia Kelly 37. Kay Blake
10. G.L. Tomas 24. Patience Saduwa 38. Sheena Binkley
11. Georgia Lyn Hunter 25. Paulette Harper 39. M.J. Kane
12. Lea’s Crazy Nights 26. LENA HART 40. The Reading Addict
13. Lily Harlem 27. S.W.Frank 41. Reviews by Crystal
14. Kim Golden 28. Reana Malori 42. Dionne Grace



12 thoughts on ““Color of Love Blog Hop 2016!” #CoLHop

  1. n says:

    The premise of the book is very unique. And the cover alone speaks of a loneliness and need. I have never read a book by Kim Golden, but she’s on my radar. Thank you for being part of the Color of Love Blog Hop, Felicia. I was expecting to see a little something about your new release, In the Best Interest of the Child. I have it sitting on my Kindle on my TBR list.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. VeronikaD says:

    I can’t wait to read Maybe baby! It’s already on my wishlist and hope to read it during the holidays. I suspect I will need tissues as well, and maybe a mug of hot chocolate. It sounds like a tear-jerker.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

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