#Excerpt “Malice & Forethought: Short Stories of Malice and Murder” by Felicia Denise

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“Cecil, you know those guys you were with? They’re not friendly guys like you, and they’re also not street punks. They run the streets for their local gangs, but it doesn’t end with them.”

Arrogant to the end, Cecil smirked. “You trying to make a point, Detective?”

Pat Sinclair leaned against the doorframe, crossing his ankles and folding his arms. “My point is we picked up two million dollars in cash, and coke with a street value of over six million. Your new friends? They deal in hundreds… maybe thousands, but millions? There’s someone bigger at the center of this. They didn’t get the drugs and we confiscated their money; someone will have to answer for that.”

Excerpt from “Burned


Malice and Forethought:
Short Stories of Malice and Murder

by Felicia Denise

What’s done in the dark always comes to the light.

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