NaNo Diaries: Week 2 #NaNoWriMo2017

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It’s week two of NaNoWriMo2017.

Confidences are a bit shaky,

Doubt creeps in,

And November 30th looks a LONG way away.

I’m not worried about finishing, I’m just curious what the ‘finished’ product will look like.

The outline has already undergone drastic changes, and all I’ve done is write (and make notes).

The plot has not changed, but alliances, truths, and scenes have.

I’m intrigued! 😀

Time to get to today’s word count. Emotions are about to flare, and evil will drop by.

And I’ll probably change something. 😀

I’m about 4K ahead on word count and was considering slowing down… until a member of my Tucson-Nano group crossed the 51K mark.


On the NINTH day of the challenge.

mind blown

Day 8 word count -1801

Total – 16262/50000


Keep writing!

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