What Does Your Character Depend On?

Excellent insight for character development! 😉

A Writer's Path

by Hope Ann

There are three main questions, powerful, yet short, which an author should ask and answer for each of their characters. The first question is, what does your character want? What does he desire more than anything? What will he give anything for and what is he striving for? Coupled with this question (if the character is a major one) is what does he really need, and is it what he wants?

Secondly, what does your character fear? What will he do almost anything to avoid? Is what he wants more powerful than what he fears or vice versa?

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Song Lyric Sunday | “Candy” – Cameo

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Song Lyric Sunday is sponsored by Helen Vahdati from This Thing Called Life One Word At a Time. For the guidelines or to suggest a theme, start here.

This week’s theme is “sugar/candy.”

Can’t think of  candy without Cameo’s 1985 hit of the same name coming to mind. It was a hot number on the charts and in dance clubs. But it’s probably best known for the wedding scene at the end of  1999’s The Best Man with Terrence Howard and Taye Diggs, where everyone does the Electric Slide.

The video is totally 80s! Bad lip-syncing, bad dance steps, bad acting, and 100% fun! The outfits and and hair cuts set fashion trends. Now, we know better.

But what I didn’t know, what I found out more than thirty years later is Cameo’s Candy is about… cocaine! Yes, I’m shocked too! Who knew? Why wasn’t I told sooner? Knowing this, the lyrics below take on a whole new meaning.

Disclaimer: I have no copyrights to the song and/or video and/or hyperlinks to songs and/or videos and/or gifs above. No copyright infringement intended


by Cameo

Writer(s): Ryan Toby, Will Smith, Larry Blackmon, T. Jenkins

Yeah, yeah, mmm

It’s like candy
I can feel it when you walk
Even when you talk it takes over me

You’re so dandy
I wanna know
Can you feel it too, just like I do?


This stuff is starting now
It’s the same feeling
I always seem to get around you

There’s no mistaking, I’m clearly taken
By the simple mere thought of you


This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now

My eyes roll in my head
I toss and turn in my bed
In the morning when I think about you

Yes, I do

Simply put you’re the reason why
Even though I’m real shy (Real shy)
I attempt to look my best for you
Indeed I do, just for you

‘Cause you affect me, fascinate me
I thank heaven for the things that you do

It’s like candy
You sure are sweet (Sweet) (Sweet)
You’re so dandy (Dandy)
You’re taking my appetite but it’s alright

It’s like candy
Oooh, vanilla
Oh, chocolate!

You look real nice, wrapped up tight
You’re so dandy
You’re giving me a heart attack
It’s the kind I like

It’s like candy
You’re so dandy

Why you do

You’re like a brand new feeling
In a special way
A surprise package
On a bright clear sunny day (You’re so dandy)

And wrapped up tight (So good)
(So good, yeaheaheah)

Strawberry (Strawberry), raspberry (Raspberry)
All those good things
Violets and gumdrops
That’s what you’re saying to me, me (Me)


Sweet candy
It’s like candy
Sure seems like good candy to me

Oh, baby

You’re so dandy (Watch this)


Sparkling Citrus Cocktail

Sparkling Citrus Cocktail

We tested cocktails for our New Year’s Celebration and Sparkling Citrus Cocktail from MyRecipes was the favorite!


  • 1/2 cup fresh pink grapefruit juice, strained (from a large grapefruit)
  • 1/2 cup fresh orange juice, strained (from 2 large oranges)
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice, strained (from 4 large lemons)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 750ml bottle sparkling wine or cava, chilled

How to Make It

Step 1

Stir all juices and sugar in a pitcher until sugar dissolves. Cover and chill at least 2 hours or up to overnight.

Step 2

Divide juice among 8 flutes; top each with sparkling wine. Serve immediately.

I have already juiced the fruit! 😀

Please remember to drink responsibly!



How to understand keyword and blog ranking

Jean's Writing

Well, it’s the end of another year.

And as your reading to ring in 2018 you may want to see how your blog did during 2017.

First, do what I did, Check those  WordPress Stats. 

In 2016, I published 222 posts, with 16,046 views. In 2017, I published 172 posts with 14,636 views. Not too bad, considering, in 2017 I cut back my blogging to 3 times a week.

Understanding blog ranking, blog stats, and keywords can help improve your blog views.

There are lots of ways to check your blog stats and ranking. Websites that show which keywords work best for your posts.

Some of these tools I understand and some I are a bit over my head. But most of them are a big time suck. So bloggers, beware. Look, if your curious but don’t get mired in the muck. Or like me, you’ll end up with a big headache.


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Should Your Story Use Prophecy?

A Writer's Path

by Stephanie O’Brien

In some stories, the plot’s resolution takes everyone by surprise. Nobody knew how the story would end, or how the outcome would be achieved. In others, the ending was a surprise to absolutely no one, because a prophecy had already spoiled the ending long before it could happen.

The downside to having a prophecy:

Having a prophecy about your plot or protagonist has one obvious drawback: it spoils the ending of the story, and removes much of the dramatic tension that you otherwise could have built.

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On The Necessity of Flawed Characters

A Writer's Path

by Mary Kate Pagano

I’ve gotten super into podcasts in this past year (file under #latetotheparty). Why? I think I thought they were all nonfictional musings on things. I didn’t realize there were a plethora of podcasts out there dissecting my favorite books and TV shows. Now I know, and I listen to them voraciously. And two things have come up recently on said podcasts I wanted to discuss, and relate back to writing.

In particular, flawed characters.

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