National School Librarian Day!

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Because of the coVID19 pandemic, most schools around the country (and the world) have ended their school year. But, I’d still like to acknowledge school librarians for National School Librarian Day.

On April 4th each year, National School Librarian Day recognizes the professionals who keep the school library in working order. School librarians spend long hours keeping the library organized. They’re also dedicated to helping children find the resources they need to keep learning. School librarians are the people who create an environment where students can learn every day of the year. Their work is an impressive accomplishment.

The school librarians provide guidance and expose our youth not only to texts, print media, and literature but to digital resources and the technology, too. These resources connect them to libraries around the world. A school librarian’s ability to manage scores of media and a library full of students with numerous projects and schedules astounds us.

We’re not able to stop by our local school libraries and say thank you to the research specialists who taught us to use resources materials… and maybe even the Dewey Decimal System and nurtured our love of reading, but consider stopping by the website or Facebook page of the school you or your children attended and leave a post of thanks for the school librarian with the hashtag #NationalSchoolLibrarianDay. These unsung heroes deserve our thanks, our support, and so much more!


Librarians on the job!


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