#MarchWritingChallenge – Day 18 – What do you value most: free time, recognition, or money?



This March Writing Challenge of thirty-one questions is hosted by Marquessa, with questions from Alexandra Franzen‘s100 questions to spark conversation and connect.

All are welcome to join in and a list of the questions can be found here.


Time, hands down!

Money can solve some problems, but it will never make you happy or complete.

Recognition is fleeting. Everyone experiences their fifteen minutes of fame, and it’s not always a positive experience.

But time is priceless.

We abuse it and take it for granted, and then we’re sad when we can’t get that time back.

Free time isn’t a period between tasks… because we can fill our days with tasks.

These days, we have to pencil in free time. An afternoon or evening is good. A day is better, and a whole weekend is golden.

I add two evenings and a full day of free time to my schedule every week. However, as I write this, I believe I need to add more. 😀


Image by anncapictures from Pixabay