Camp NaNo Update Day #16

Camp NaNo Update #16 banner


I may or may not be just a tad bit anxious.

Okay, fine. I am.

I’ve reached the “now what?” stage of NaNo.

My project goal for Camp NaNo was to add 30K  to an existing piece and by the time this post goes live I’ll have reached that.

No, it’s not done, not even close.

Characters even threw another plot twist at me in the middle of the night! Can’t be mad at them though, it’s pretty good.

Also got the board updated and as you can see,  Act 3 is blank.

Updated Storyboard

And the post-its along the bottom are scenes ‘looking for a home.’


Perhaps I low-balled myself with a goal of 30K?

I should adjust the total up, huh?

Or, should I leave it alone?

Maybe I should just keep writing.


Day 16 word count – 28,977


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