#MarchWritingChallenge – Day 26 – Would you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?



This March Writing Challenge of thirty-one questions is hosted by Marquessa, with questions from Alexandra Franzen‘s100 questions to spark conversation and connect.

All are welcome to join in and a list of the questions can be found here.


I’m an introvert… by choice.

But like Prince T’Challa, when the need arises, I can morph into my superhero suit and become the Social Butterfly!

I’m sure this stems from being born into a super huge family (Mom had 16 siblings, Daddy had eleven, and I grew up with eight of my own) and having to “get along” at numerous family gatherings.

The only person who enjoyed my company more than me is gone, and even before he died, except for meals, we could go 2-3 days without talking, each engaged in our own pursuits. Just sharing the same space was enough.

The pandemic and lock-down life has done a number on many. Folks have posted the walls are closing in on them, they’re sick of their families, and they need to get OUT and be around people.

Self-isolating is not a problem for me. I don’t suffer from cabin fever or feel like I’m drowning in loneliness. If I need to go out, I do, but if there’s a way I can avoid it, I do that too.

Marquessa said in her post, she’d found people exhausting. I have to agree. But I also find them annoying… in a casual, friendly, please-do-not-talk-to-me kind of way. 😀 😀 😀



Image by Mira Cosic from Pixabay