A Fresh Start… to Old Worries?

New Year

Our personal problems didn’t disappear at the stroke of midnight, but how we deal with them can change today.

Stop worrying about things you cannot change… and change the things you can. It’s that simple.

Problems have many faces—health issues/(lack of) health insurance, finances, family dysfunction, marital problems, education/tuition, workplace issues, unemployment, and substance abuse—and as life-changing, as some of them can be, they still only have the power you give them by worrying about them.

Worrying only increases stress and stress renders you even more incapable of dealing with anything—and one problem can become many.

Make a plan, set a goal and deal with the problem(s)… or don’t. Walk away and leave it behind you. (Don’t be a drama llama!)

Don’t get so bogged down by life that you forget to live.

Happy New Year!