Camp NaNo Update #2

NaNo Update2

Who knew anger was inspiring?

After a hectic morning or errands and busy work, it was after one in the afternoon before I sat down at my desk.

I figured I’d have to work well into the evening… and possibly night to make decent progress on my WIP so I decided to make the social network rounds while checking my email.

Everything was fine until I opened that email.

I saw red. I saw stars, and I’m sure my blood pressure spiked.

What someone saw as a simple request to me was nerve, gall…the audacity of the millennium! Excuse me, I wasn’t aware you are the center of the universe!

Before I could respond with an epic verbal smack-down, I said goodbye to a couple of friends I’d been chatting with, turned on my Internet blocker and pulled up my WIP.

I pulled out an existing 2-scene one-thousand word section with the intention of rewriting it as one scene.

That’s not what happened.

But the time I looked up five hours later, I had re-written the scenes…but I’d added four more scenes and nearly five-thousand words.

I was also almost at the midpoint of the story.

On day two.

Because I got mad.

Now I’m laughing at myself.

Anger is not healthy and I try to avoid it whenever possible. But, it happens to us all. At least now I know instead of fuming and ranting and raving, I can benefit from it by channeling it into something which results in a positive outcome.

Like writing.


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“Inspiration Will Fail You”

A Writer's Path


by Kyle Massa


I had a professor in college who often said, “Inspiration will fail you.” She was very right about that.

Many authors wait around to be inspired. They wait for the muse to appear with an amazing idea, one that fills the page with vivid prose and vibrant action.  And when inspiration fails to appear, those writers remind themselves that tomorrow is another day, and they don’t write anything.

That’s why inspiration will fail you. It’s lazy, it’s inconsiderate, and it doesn’t ever show up when you want it to.

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