Camp NaNo Update #5

Camp NaNo Update #5 banner


Plot twists are funny.

I was in a writing group with a guy who methodically planned out every nuance of his WIP… especially the plot twists.

Sometimes, they worked. Still looking forward to reading his space opera.

He knew plot twists and I were strangers who ran into each other at the coffee shop in the wee hours of the night so I was used to his teasing emails and messages of, “Got plot twist?”

Because my response was always, “Nope”, until it wasn’t.

So, when I stumbled out of bed, scribbling on a pad like a crazy woman, the mister was like, “Let me guess… you found your plot twist?”

Oh, yeah!

And the plot thickens!


Day 5 – 1771 additional words added to current WIP (Sins of the Mother).