What Are You Reading? #FreeReads

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Read any good books lately?

What books held your attention and reinforced your belief that reading is the best thing ever?

How about online reads?

I have three worthy recommendations from WordPress authors and bloggers for you!

Thief of Dragons cover

Thief of Dragons: The Echelonites of Cauldex

In what she calls an Alternate-Earth, Erotic SciFi Fantasy, hybrid author A.C. Melody delivers a tightly woven story of intrigue and mystery.

Outcast Roehn Cayen prepares to return to Cauldex and take her rightful place among the smug family who found her lacking and so callously tossed her aside. However, before her journey even begins, Roehn learns her trip to Cauldex would be futile. She’ll never see her family again. Choosing a different path, Roehn does return years later in disguise with a different plan of action and draws the immediate attention of Arcylaen, the Dragon’s Head and leader of the Thirteen Dragon Houses.

That’s when this interesting read becomes a page-turner! Fortunately for new readers, the story has sixteen generous installments already posted.

Stop by and visit Cauldex soon. The world building and attention to detail are captivating!


A to Z Challenge Badge


For her 2017 AtoZ Blogging Challenge Marquessa Matthews pens Living to Die.

After her overbearing husband leaves her for a younger woman, middle-aged Kate Reynolds settles into a routine life where she merely exists. A devastating health diagnosis floors Kate. In shock, she doesn’t know what to do or who to tell – so she does nothing. New friend, Meghan, drags Kate from her pity-party and convinces her to live for today – and sends her on a trip to Hawaii to clear her head and actually make some plans for her future, starting with getting a second opinion. During her trip, several thought-provoking and interesting encounters help Kate rediscover the women she buried deep inside so long ago.

Please don’t for a second believe this to be a dark, morose, chick lit story full of foreshadowing and messages.

Are there messages? Yes. But, there’s also a pervy married guy, mismatched couples, a wise old granny, a hunky, helpful surfer-type guy, and flying cockroaches! And we’re only up to letter K!

You’ll also find dozens of other great reads on this still unpublished author’s blog. Something her many fans hope changes soon!


Eternity Acts cover

The Eternity Acts

Newcomer, Jordan C. Robinson‘s debut is a major undertaking worthy of your time!

The Whisperer Rayon cursed his villagers, summoned a Wall of Fire and created a Burning Sea to mold his kingdom into a place he deemed worth living in.150 years later and the Whisperer Rayon is gone, but his acts remain. Will the villagers, whose curse changes them by night, be able to overcome the acts of this twisted madman to create a society free from his acts? It may take centuries, but a new King, an ex-slave, and the last Whisperer will certainly try…

The author updates this science fiction fantasy every Wednesday and Saturday.

In addition to the online main story, there are currently fourteen side stories happening simultaneously. The shorts focus on other members of the kingdom of Elodine, how The Acts affect them, and which side they will choose in the coming rebellion. The author has published the shorts as Eternity Acts Short Stories: Era 1 and they’re permanently FREE through Amazon.


Do yourself a favor and stop by these amazing online reads today. You’ll be glad you did!


You’re welcome – enjoy!



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