#MondayBlog CampNaNo Update

Monday Blog bannerIt’s July which means CampNaNoWriMo participants are off and writing!

And NaNoWriMo organizers have made it even easier to participate by offering different options to measure progress.

Don’t want to measure in word counts? Try hours or pages.

Don’t want to write a novel? Try blog posts, poetry or drabbles.  Even screenwriting is easier.

Authors/ writers have sprinted, plotted, pantsed, and stressed to get here. To be in the moment.

I didn’t do any of those things, but it’s already been established I have my own set of unique issues.

Beginning the process is not the problem.

Typing The End? Still working on that superpower.

I’m not starting from scratch for this writing challenge, but continuing on with the results of another writing challenge.

Stay with me.Sins of the Mother cover3

On March18th I posted a mystery and suspense flash piece for the #52weeks52stories challenge.

Twelve weeks later I was still adding to the, um…flash piece. All forty-four-thousand words of it.

Go ahead and laugh because I haven’t stopped laughing. This could be a bad sign too.

Seriously though, it’s not as though I didn’t do any planning.

I changed the title, even though it may be temporary. What was The Devil You Know is now Sins of the Mother and I made a working cover just for CampNaNoWriMo!

See? Progress!

Scene layoutI also have the first act completed.

That wasn’t any. I had to let a psychopath attack a seventy-four-year-old woman.

I’m sure I’ll pay for that somewhere down the line.

To finish on time (July 31st) I only need to add nine hundred (900) words a day to my existing WIP,  and on day one I added sixteen-hundred (1600).

The current story has a full cast–spouses and their adult children, the villian and his family, neighbors, police detectives and a coroner. There is absolutely no space for another character.

But I’ll bet one shows up. They always do.

2 thoughts on “#MondayBlog CampNaNo Update

  1. Well, Felicia, seems to me that you are well on the way of complity 😉
    I didnt’ know abotu the ‘exploding’ flash fiction, but that happens (ahem….). A mystery???? Oh, goodness! Now I’m curious!

    Liked by 1 person

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