Camp NaNo Update Day #24

Camp NaNo Update #24 banner


Writers often joke about being introverts or having social anxiety. We squirrel ourselves away in writing caves and libraries, or our favorite coffee shops. We keep our heads down, avoiding eye contact.

Some do experience anxiety and avoid interaction with other living breathing humans, but most of us are focused on the stream of consciousness in our heads—collaborating… and compromising with fictional characters. We fine tune plots and build worlds; consider book covers and promotional teasers and are usually fighting off the urge to begin that next book.

However, no matter how deep we dig in, it is necessary we raise our heads and invite the real world in.

Earlier this month I mentioned building a support network—finding your tribe, and the best thing about Camp NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo is it comes with a tribe built in ready to help make your writing challenge a success.

From the websites to every social media site/app, NaNo is there with writing sprints, virtual write-ins, and pep talks from counselors. There are videos on YouTube and Instagram. You’ll find a calendar of events for the month prominently posted on the website, as well as the mighty NaNo forums. You can stop by Facebook for updates and current news, Twitter to participate in a writing sprint or follow NaNo on Pinterest.

With resources and support like this, it’s obvious NaNo wants writers to succeed, especially with it all being free of charge!

Before 2018 ends, NaNoWriMo will launch its new website to provide their amazing writer support year-round.

So, as writers build personal networks, NaNoWriMo will be there to give support and let us know while writing is a solitary endeavor, we’re never alone.


Day 24 word count – 41,674


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