#MarchWritingChallenge – Day 12 – Have you ever unplugged from the Internet for more than a week?



This March Writing Challenge of thirty-one questions is hosted by Marquessa, with questions from Alexandra Franzen‘s100 questions to spark conversation and connect.

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Sure have! And it’s probably time to do it again for my own sanity. 😀

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as it was even a year ago.

Not every one is involved in social media, blogging, or watching cat videos.

But it can be a Herculean feat to conduct business without the Internet.

Call any business, private or government, and the menu will always refer you back to their website or app which sometimes can be an exercise in futility when you cannot find your particular issue address or the website and app are simply migraine-inducing. (I’m looking at you, CVS!)

Don’t want to go online? Not a problem, but you could end up in the queue for thirty minutes or more.

The last three doctors I’ve had REQUIRED certain documents be completed online prior to appointments.

Some vendors will recommend paperless accounts and billing is handled via email and websites. No one HAS to do it this way, but every paper billing received will have an insert encouraging you to “go green.” Some businesses will even charge for having to mail out a paper bill.

While I was using grocery delivery for over a year before the coronavirus pandemic, it’s now a near necessity for those of us in high-risk groups, or that are simply tired of people refusing to wear masks and social distance.

Vendors now entice us to shop online with “online only” bargains, double fuel points, and rewards cards.

The internet makes staying connected with family and friends easy. Shoot off an email, post to their social media accounts or start a video call, because who writes letters anymore? What’s even weirder is the growing dislike to talk on the phone!

I confess to having a private chatroom with my three adult children and one with six of my siblings. Though we all do end up online at times, usually we drop posts, comments, memes, and photos at random, 24/7. My daughter and I may have set records for the longest video chats. 😀

So when I say I’m taking a break from the Internet, I mean social media and blogging, because to walk away from the Internet altogether would be taking a break from life.

Hmm… now that I think about it… 😀


Photo by Thomas Jensen on Unsplash



4 thoughts on “#MarchWritingChallenge – Day 12 – Have you ever unplugged from the Internet for more than a week?

  1. Now when you put it that way, “to walk away from the Internet altogether would be taking a break from life,” makes a lot of sense. I didn’t see it that way because almost everything now requires the internet. But, yeah, social media and blogging, and even online news are a must to take a break from.

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