Camp NaNo Update Day #19

camp NaNo Update Day #19 banner


If my browser history were put on blast, I’d look like I was plotting MAJOR murder!

Back of head blunt force trauma

Ways to kill without spilling blood

Painless deaths

Pulmonary embolism

Air embolism

Empty syringes

Anaphylactic shock

Response time needed to save victim of Anaphylactic shock

Poisons with no taste or smell

Clear poisons

Deadly flowers

Edible flowers

Poisonous fruit

This doesn’t look good, does it?

If someone I know dies suspiciously anytime soon, I could have a problem… or two.

In these times of forensic pathology, it’s getting harder and harder to get away with murder.

Er, I mean I’m not up to ANYTHING, I swear!


Day 19 word count – 32,637


©2018 Felicia Denise, All Rights Reserved

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