Camp NaNo Update Day #20

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School photo shoot

As my three adult children have not seen fit to add me to the ranks of adoring grandparents, from time-to-time, I get to play Nene to my grandnephew, Jordan.

He’s three… going on forty-seven, and the reason my posts are late today and totally off topic from what I had planned.

Jordan loves all things car-related, Monster Jam Trucks, popcorn, toast (yes, toast…with butter, NO jam) and Snoopy makes him gut-laugh without moving a muscle. He also likes to speak in the third person.

And he loves stories.

I’ve added a new computer and desk to the writing cave since he was last here, so of course, he had to check it out and we had the following short conversation.

J: Whatcha’ doin’, Nene?

Me: Writing a story.

J: *Gasps* Is it a story for Jordan?

Me: No, it’s a story for big people.

J: You’re not writing a story for Jordan?

Me: No, not this time.

J:  *Thoughtful look* Are there Monster Jam trucks in the story?

Me: No, J.

J: *shakes head* Then it’s not for Jordan.

Me: Isn’t that what I said, little boy?

J: Nene, you said the story was for big people, but if there’s Monster Jam Trucks, it’s my story too.

Then he turns and walks out of the room, leaving me sitting here with a “What just happened?” look on my face.

A three-year-old just schooled me on honing in on my audience and marketing my work.

Who am I writing for?

What am I including or purposely excluding?

Do I bring those points out when promoting?

Even though he’ll never know, I need to work a Monster Jam truck reference into Sins of the Mother… or serve someone toast.

Well played, Jordan… and thanks!

Jordan at the Sabino Canyon Falls.


Day 20 word count – 34,314


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